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Callum Chapman 16. Dezember 2009

A Collection of 46 Twitter- and RSS-Icons

In our opinion you can never have enough RSS and Twitter Icons. Designing them yourself in some ways will always be better; they’re unique and you can design them to match the rest of your web design.

An icon or two on your website makes it more pleasing to look at, breaks big blocks of text up, and also gives your readers an easy opportunity to subscribe or follow you on Twitter. To round that all up, they usually (if used correctly) make your design more pleasing and increase your traffic.

However, spending a couple of hours designing a new RSS or Twitter Icon isn’t always easy, usually because the amount of time we have to do so is usually limited for one reason or another. Fortunately, there are some very kind people out there who spend hours designing beautiful icons for us, and in this article we have collected 46 of them so we can showcase them all in one place – just for you! Happy downloading, and we’d love to hear what your favorite icons here are, so be sure to leave a comment!

Twitter Icons

Pixey Birrrdfon Twitter Icons

Birrrdfon Twitter Icons

Birdies: A Free Twitter Icon Set

Birdies Icon Set

6 Cool Twitter Icons

6 Cool Twitter Icons

6 Free Social Icons (Source Files Available)

6 Free Social Icons

Super Twitter!

Super Twitter

Helvetwitca Twitter Icon (Source Files Available)

This lovely icon by Halomomo is made completely out of the much-loved Helvetica Typeface – perfect for simple and minimalistic themes!


8 Free and Cute Twitter Bird Vector Graphics (Source Files Available)

Cute Twitter Vector Graphics

Tweetbird Free Twitter Icon


Lovely Twitter Icons (Source Files Available)

Lovely Twitter Icons

Twitter Eggs (Source Files Available for $1)

Twitter Eggs

4 Twitter Icons (Source Files Available)

4 Twitter Icons

Tweetle Icons

Tweetle Icons

Blitter Twitter Icon Set (Source Files Available)

Blitter Twitter

50 Free and Exclusive Twitter Icons (Source Files Available)

These 50 unique Twitter Icons by Web Designer Depot come in loads of styles: road signs, chalkboards, Macs, iPhones and orbs included!

50 Exclusive Icons

Twordle Bird Icon

Twordle Bird

Fat Twitters Icon Pack

Fat Twitters Icon Pack

Fluzzy Twitter Icon Set (Source Files Available)

Fluzzy Twitter Icons

15. A Little Bird Told Me

A Little Bird Told Me

Cute Tweetors Icon Set (Source Files Available)

Cute Tweetors

Twitter Bird Icons

Twitter Bird Icons

Twitter Birdy Icon (Source Files Available)

Twitter Birdy

WebDev Social Twitter Bookmark

Twitter Bookmark

Free Twitter Vector Icon (Source Files Available)

Twitter Vector Icon

Twitter Icons with Attitude

Twitter Icons with Attitude

Practika: A Free Icon Set


Twitter Icon

Twitter Icon

High-Res Twitter Icons (Source Files Available)

High-Res Twitter Icons

40 Cute Twitter Graphics

This incredible pack of cute Twitter icons designed by Pasquale D’Silva includes 40 free icons of all shape, colors and sizes.

Cute Twitter Graphics

The Social Bird Icon Set

This pack happens to be InspiredM’s first ever release; and what a whopper it is! Several artists got together to create a huge and very varied icon set – there’s something for everyone in this pack!

The Social Bird Icon Set

Twitter Bird Vector Set (Source Files Available)

Twitter Bird Vector Set

Twitter Bird Logo Icon

Twitter Bird Logo Icon

Twitter Bird Icon Set

Twitter Bird Icon Set



Another Twitter Bird Icon (Source Files Available)

Twitter Bird Icon

2 Awesome Twitter Icons (Source Files Available)

2 Awesome Twitter Icons

Happy Bird Icons (Source Files Available)

Happy Bird Icons

Colorful Twitter Icons

Colorful Twitter Icons

RSS Icons

RSS At Sea Icons

RSS at Sea

200+ Exclusive RSS Icons: „Supra“ (Source Files Available)

This superb pack (once again) by Web Designer Depot includes a huge and magnificent collection of varied RSS Icons – you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice if you download these!

Supra Icons

Original RSS

Original RSS

4 Glossy RSS Icons

Glossy RSS Icons

38. Feed Me Animals: A Free RSS Feed Icon Set (Source Files Available)

Feed Me Animals

RSS 2008

RSS 2008

15 Free RSS Icons

These wonderful icons by Oat are totally varied, including speakers, lollypops, printers and steak…that’s right, steak! There are plenty of awesome RSS Icons here; one of them is sure to fit the style of your site!

15 Free RSS Icons

RSS Icon

RSS Icon

Newsfeed Set

Newsfeed Set

Because 1,678 RSS Buttons Aren’t Enough

1,678 Buttons Aren't Enough

Wood RSS Feed Icons

Wood RSS Icons

Grunge RSS Banners

Grunge RSS Banners

Free ‚Social Media Bookmark Icon +‘ Pack

This great social bookmarking icon pack by Benjamin Reid has tonnes of icons, all in two different styles (buttons and icons – icons come in two sizes). Their simple yet stylish, and are designed to suit every theme about!

Icon+ Pack

Social Network Icon Pack

Social Icon Network Pack

Christmas Social Icons

Christmas Social Icons

Callum Chapman

Callum ist ein freiberuflicher Grafikdesigner und Illustrator aus Cambridge in Großbritannien. Er ist der Kopf hinter dem Circleboxblog, ein design-orientiertes Weblog das Artikel, Inspiration, Tutorials und Texturen zum Download anbietet.

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  1. There are some great icons here. I like the different twitter bird designs!

  2. I love the RSS Icons! Keep posting more! :)

  3. Hey, vielen Dank!!! Ich habe mir SocialMediaBookmarkIcon heruntergeladen, und finde sie suuuuper! :D
    Danke nochmals!

    Bye: G.L.

  4. thanks for linking my twittericons. ;)
    i have also made a list for twitter icons:

  5. Klasse Sammlung… Danke :D

  6. Great Twitter Icon Collection – are they free for commercial use?

  7. Dr. Web goes english.

  8. Sweet icons. Thanks a lot for the list!

  9. Love the feed me animals. :D

  10. Here’s a set I made:

    You can make request for more icons there too.

  11. @rene: Ich denke einfach mal, das dieser Artikel eigentlich für das Smashing Magazine geschrieben wurde, dort aber keinen Platz gefunden hat, oder aber nicht gut genug war.

    Schon kurios!

  12. Very beautiful twitter and RSS Icons, we like it..thanks for share

  13. Nice round-up! Saved immediately in my favs! Sehr gut:)

  14. Hi ! you can also find 161 Twitter icons et 271 RSS icons on : and
    Enjoy !

  15. Nicht schlecht für eine Seite mit .de Domain. Vielleicht schreibt ja demnächst ein Spanier was.;-)

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