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3D flash menu
This detailed lesson will teach you how to create advanced 3D flash menu in flash 8 using the Action Script.You will also learn how to design a menu, how to create buttons animation and how to draw a 3D cube using the Line Tool.


Actionscript Drawing With Your Mouse
In this Macromedia Flash tutorial you will learn how to actionscript code a simple painting flash program in just a few lines of code.

Advanced picture gallery
In the tutorial listed below I will instruct you, how to make advanced picture gallery in flash 8 using the Action Script.


Animating Shadows
The Drop Shadow filter in Flash 8 Professional makes it easy to add a drop shadow to an animated Movie clip. In this tutorial you’ll see how to adjust the filter’s settings to create a realistic animation of an object moving from one point to another.

Attractive object appearance with sound
With this lesson, you are going to learn how to make attractive object appearance with sound in flash 8 with no Action Script. This effect is very useful and you can use it for any flash header….

Changing the channel on plasma
Read this tutorial and see how to change channel on plasma using remote control. You will also learn how to Import any picture into a flash, how to convert it into a Moive Clip Symbol, how to use alpha, action script and more.

Clouds circulation
This tutorial will show you how to create full cloud animation using the Action Script in flash 8. You can use this animation on your web, presentation, animation…

Controlling File Size in Flash Animations, Part 1
Is it possible to create a Flash animation and keep the file size small? The answer is yes! In this two-part tutorial I’ll show you how to „grow“ a flower garden using only four symbols.

Controlling File Size in Flash Animations, Part 2
In the first part of this tutorial, we built a flower blossom. In this part of the tutorial, you’ll finish building the flower by adding stems and leaves. Then you’ll use multiple Instances of your flower to „grow“ a flower garden. You can view the finished animation at the end of this tutorial.

Creating a Simple Flash Website
„his tutorial will teach you how to create a simple flash website that has three sections. We are not going to use any advanced ActionScript and will rely only on the GotoAndPlay method to control our movie clip.“

Flash Slideshow Image Gallery
This tutorial will show you how to make a simple, yet effective, slideshow-type image gallery using Flash with minimal scripting.
High-tech city animation
This detailed lesson made for Flash 8 will teach you how to create a really cool and advanced light city animation…

High Tech flash menu
Learn this tutorial and see how to create High Tech flash menu in flash 8 using the Action Script and some tricks.

Infinitely Zooming Image
Image contains a frame which zooms out forever

Making an analog clock in Flash
In this Macromedia Flash tutorial you will learn how to make an analog clock with hour, minuts and seconds hands rotating in the clock.

Misty river
Read this tutorial and see how to create misty river animation. You will also learn how to use flash filters (Blur, Bevel and Drop shadow filter) and more.

Simple Preloader in Flash MX 2004 with download .fla
This tutorial will explain how to create a simple Preloader in Flash MX 2004.


Smoke Effect
Learn how to create a great smoke effect in flash 8 using the Blur filter. You will also learn how to create on a simple way smoke shape using the Brush Tool, how to use Eraser Tool and more.


Some fun effect using the pivot point in Flash
In this Macromedia Flash tutorial you will see how to make good use of the pivot point for making animation a bit easier.


Text floating into place from outsite the screen
This is just a fun small tutorial, not a new trick, just a fun way to use the motion tween effect, to make a cool text effect for beginners.

Zoom in Zoom Out Flash Animation with Fading Effect
This tutorial will teach you how to create a simple zoom in & zoom out animation with fade-in and fade-out effect in Flash. You can use this zooming effect on any image or text.


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